2020   Wall North Gallery, Northern Lights Exhibition for NHS, Hexham, UK
2019   Young Curator for young Collectors, The Wall North Contemporary, Hexham.
2018   Hexham Hospital Art Exhibition Program (Prof Chris Dorsett)
2017   Queen's Hall Arts, Art with Heart Art Auction
2017   Hancock Museum, Connecting Principle Great North Lights, Newcastle, UK
2017   Gallerie23, Langenberg, Germany
2017   Palm Springs Art Fair, Gray MCA, USA
2015   Gallerie FOE156, 'A Foreign Encounter', Munich, Germany
2015   John Martin Gallery, Chelsea Group Show, London
2015   London Art Fair, Islington, London
2014   London Art Fair, Islington, London
2013   Canary Wharf, London
2013   Placeless Place, The Whistle Art Gallery, Haltwhistle
2013   MA & Other Postgraduates, Atkinson Gallery, Somerset
2012   Momentum, Blackall Studios, Shoreditch, London
2012   MA Fine Art Show, Baltic 39, Newcastle.
2011   Interim Show, Northumbria University, Newcastle, UK
2009   Small Works, BSG Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2007   Climate Change. Christian Aid Art Auction, UK
2006   Embrace for Africa. Christian Aid Art Auction, UK
2006   Visions of Newcastle The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle, UK
2006   Chilean Artists, Praxis Gallery, Chile
2005   Suncoats Basset Rescue Art Auction, Florida, U.S.A.
2005   Henshelwood Gallery, Jesmond, Newcastle - UK.
2005   The Art Tour Open Studios, Northumberland, UK.
2005   The Samling Foundation, Corbridge, UK.
2004   Henshelwood Gallery, Jesmond, Newcastle, UK
2004   Creative Industries Art Council North East
2004   Limited Edition Prints Launching, Artcafe Gallery, Corbridge
2003   Affordable Art Fair, Tallantyre Gallery, London.
2003   Shire Pottery Gallery, Alnwick
2002   Alumni Exhibition, The Samling Foundation, Keswick, Cumbria
2002   The Torrance Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
2002   Light & Fertility, Shire Pottery Gallery, Alnwick. UK
2001   The Samling Foundation, Corbridge, UK
2001   Albemarle Gallery, London.
2000   In real time. Inexteriors Gallery, Corbridge, UK.
1999   Enrique Azócar´s Realism, Artespacio Gallery, Chile.
1997   Chilean Wine, Christie's Chile.
1996   Simon Patrich Gallery, Vancouver, Canada.